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American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Touch Surgery Pilot Video-Based Endoscopic Simulations

During the 2018 Digestive Disease Week (DDW) conference June 2-5 in Washington, D.C., the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE), in collaboration with Touch Surgery, demonstrated three mobile-accessed and video-based simulations at ASGE’s Learning Center. Working closely with ASGE, Touch Surgery was able to convert endoscopic procedural videos into interactive mini-simulations.

Accessible from mobile devices, the simulations offer the learner the chance to walk through procedures step by step in an interactive manner. The goal of the DDW pilot was to expose members of ASGE to this mobile technology and to get their feedback about using the Touch Surgery app as a new learning modality in a convenient and scalable manner.

The pilot effort between ASGE and Touch Surgery blends two approaches to training, digital and hands-on, giving ASGE the reach of a digital platform while allowing users ongoing training options for a variety of endoscopic procedures.

The Touch Surgery surgical simulation app teaches and tests users on procedures through interactive simulations that are built from surgical videos or 3-D animations. The Learn and Test modes within Touch Surgery walk its 2.5 million users through the entire surgical procedure, giving them important feedback on steps they need to refine their knowledge in order to be ready for a clinical environment.

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