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Vision Tech has taken the initiative to improve the examination instruments so that caregivers can provide higher level of patient comfort while examining them. Driven by our passion and zeal to adopt new technologies and designs, we have embarked on an exciting new journey to design new instruments that combine better ergonomics, functionality and user comfort. Our endeavor has been to adopt the latest technologies and methods to solve the problems faced by caregivers. We have a talented staff from all over the world, which works tirelessly to design the next generation of scopes.


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VisionTech has taken the lead in providing ergonomic medical inspection products that are suitable for use in all segments of medical healthcare, be it private clinics, nursing homes or hospitals. Therapists can benefit from these ergonomic products and provide better professional care to their patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the instrument is designed in such a way that it does not cause any pain to the patient.
No, the caregiver does not need additional light because the scope itself comes with built-in LED light.
Absolutely not! The instrument’s handles are made from ergonomic plastic, which helps in better and comfortable gripping.
No, the instrument does not rust and will not get damaged easily because it is made with high-grade metal.
Yes, the instrument can be bought online on our website. Just place the order and we will promptly deliver it to you.

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Special Features


  • Built-in LED light for hands-free examination
  • Anti-slip rubber grip provides better grip and pleasant feel
  • Rounded handle surface provides maximum holding comfort
  • Outer shape of handle ensures perfect finger positioning
  • Small holes on hard plastic outer cover provide anti-slip grip and superior user comfort
  • Easier to pick up, thanks to its ergonomic shape
  • Fits perfectly in the palm of the hand with its rounded bottom
  • 2-component, ESD-safe handles with comfortable gripping surface

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