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Vision Tech has taken the initiative to improve the examination instruments so that caregivers can provide higher level of patient comfort while examining them. Driven by our passion and zeal to adopt new technologies and designs, we have embarked on an exciting new journey to design new instruments that combine better ergonomics, functionality and user comfort. Our endeavor has been to adopt the latest technologies and methods to solve the problems faced by caregivers. We have a talented staff from all over the world, which works tirelessly to design the next generation of scopes.

Smart Visual Ear Cleaner

Word's Safest Ear Otoschop
  • Harmony and enjoyment of ear cleaning
  • More comfortable and safe. Suitable for all Kinds of People. Intelligent Temperature control. Pleasure of ear Cleaning with your child. Outstanding Design. IP67 Waterproof Different color can be chosenn

Our Vision

To be the most respected and valued healthcare and medical technology provider in World , providing an outstanding level of quality and service.

Our Mission

To raise the bar in the field of healthcare by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, constantly in touch with new breakthroughs and developments.

Our Expertise

Over 5 years of operating within the field of quality healthcare delivery have made us a powerful partner to many of the world’s leading healthcare brands.

Our Team

We meticulously source our talent from around the world, continually on a mission of providing quality healthcare by the provision of a workforce that excels.


Ergonomic Design

A perfect finger position is achieved by re-shaping the outside of the handle for a more presice operation

Light Weight

A perfect blend of stainless steel and rubber plastic that give the user superior comfort also ensures the light weight

1hr Usage Time

Highly optimized circuitry and high quality battery ensures a full 1 hour of usage time

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